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Rhode Island Licensed Occupations

A LICENSE is formal permission, usually from the state, to engage in a specified occupation. CERTIFICATION is recognition granted, usually by a non-government agency, to an individual who has met certain qualifications. REGISTRATION is a very general term indicating that the title is controlled or that an individual in a given occupation must register with a designated agency.

The terms "licensed", "certified" and "registered" are commonly used interchangeably. "Teacher certification", for example, is actually a license, as is a "registered professional engineer." This file deals only with licenses.

Using this Information

Individuals with questions about license requirements should contact the issuing agency. Contact information is included with the information on each license. The Labor Market Information Unit does not have any information other than that included in the summary.

License requirements for a given occupation may fill many pages of legislation and regulations. They have been summarized for this list of Rhode Island Licensed Occupations and some detail had to be omitted or modified.

The Labor Market Information Unit is indebted to the licensing agencies and their staffs, for providing information, for reviewing the preliminary text, and for patiently answering many questions and explaining details.

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 Click here for information on Occupations Licensed by the RI Department of Education

  Occupation  SOC / O*NET Code 
  Accountant, Certified Public 13-2011
  Acupuncture, Doctor of (Acupuncturist) -----
  Arborist 19-1032
  Architect 17-1011
  Asbestos Abatement Contractor/Supervisor/Worker 47-4041
  Assisted Living Residence Administrator  
  Athlete Agent 13-1011
  Athletic Trainer 29-9091
  Attorney and Counselor 23-1011
  Auctioneer (& Apprentice Auctioneer) -----
  Barber 39-5011
  Beekeeper -----
  Blaster 47-5031
  Bondsman, Professional -----
  Boxer, Professional 27-2021
  Burglar and Hold-up Alarm Agent 49-2098
  Chauffeur / CDL 53-3011, 53-3021, 53-3032, 53-3041
  Chemical Dependency Clinical Supervisor 21-1011
  Chemical Dependency Professional 21-1011
  Chiropractic Physician; Chiropractor 29-1011
  Claim Adjuster (Insurance) 13-1031
  Clinical Histologic Technician 29-2012
  Clinical Laboratory Scientist 29-2011
  Clinical Laboratory Technician 29-2012
  Commercial Roofer 47-2181
  Contractor 47-1000, 47-2000
  Cytotechnologist 29-2011
  Dealer (Finfish, Lobster, Shellfish, Multipurpose) 41-4011
  Dental Hygienist 29-2021
  Dentist 29-1029, 29-1022, 29-1023, 29-1024
  Dietitian/Nutritionist 29-1031
  Drinking Water Treatment and Distribution Operator 51-8031
  Driving Instructor -----
  Electrical Sign Installer 47-2111
  Electrician 27-2111
  Electrologist -----
  Elevator Mechanic 47-4021
  Emergency Medical Technician 29-2041
  Engineer, Professional 17-2011 thru 17-2071
  Environmental Lead Inspector 41-4041
  Environmental Lead Inspector-Technician 41-4041
  Family Day Care Home Provider 39-9011
  Family Group Day Care Home Provider 39-9011
  Fire Alarm Installer 49-2098
  Fire Extinguisher Installer/Servicer -----
  Fire Protection Sprinkler Fitter 47-2152
  Fireworks Shooter 47-5031
  Fisher, Commercial 45-3011
  Funeral Director/Embalmer 11-9061 & 39-4011
  Fur Buyer (Wholesale) 13-1022
  Hairdresser, Cosmetologist, Esthetician, Manicurist 39-5012
  Hearing Aid Dealer and Fitter -----
  Hoisting Engineer 47-2073
  Home Inspector 47-4011
  Insurance Producer 41-3021
  Interpreter for the Deaf  
  Investment Advisor Representative 13-2052
  Land Surveyor 17-1022
  Landscape Architect 17-1012
  Lead Hazard Reduction Contractor 47-4041
  Lead Hazard Reduction Site Supervisor 47-4041
  Lead Hazard Reduction Worker 47-4041
  Lead Renovator, Certified 47-4041
  Lifeguard 33-9092
  Line Cleaner -----
  Liquor Agent/Salesperson 41-4012
  Live Bait Seller -----
  Livestock Dealer  -----
  Lobbyist -----
  Lottery Agent -----
  Marriage and Family Therapist 21-1013
  Massage Therapist 31-9011
  Mental Health Counselor 21-1014
  Mixed Martial Arts Professional (MMA) 27-2021
  Motor Vehicle Damage Appraiser -----
  Nuclear Medicine Technologist 29-2033
  Nuisance Control Specialist 37-2021
  Nurse Anesthetist 29-1111
  Nurse Practitioner 29-1111
  Nurse, Licensed Practical 29-2061
  Nurse, Registered 29-1111
  Nurse-Midwife 29-1111
  Nursery Stock Dealer 45-2092
  Nursery Worker 45-2092
  Nursing Assistant (Aide) 31-1012
  Nursing Home Administrator 11-9111
  Occupational Therapist 29-1122
  Oil Burnerperson 49-9021
  Onsite Wastewater Treatment System (OWTS) Designer 47-4071
  Onsite Wastewater Treatment System (OWTS) Installer 47-4071
  Optician 29-2081
  Optometrist 29-1041
  Osteopathic Physician (D.O.) -----
  Pesticide Applicator 37-2021
  Pharmacist 29-1051
  Pharmacy Technician 29-1123
  Physical Therapist 31-2021
  Physical Therapist Assistant 29-1071
  Physician and Surgeon (Allopathic - M.D.) 29-1061 thru 29-1067
  Physician Assistant -----
  Pilot, Ship 53-5021
  Pipefitter 47-2152
  Plumber 47-2152
  Podiatrist 29-1081
  Prosthetist 29-2091
  Psychiatric & Mental Health Clinical Nurse Specialist -----
  Psychologist, Private Practice 19-3031
  Pump Installer, Well-Drill Operator 47-5021
  Pyrotechnic Operator 47-5031
  Radiation Therapist 29-2034
  Radiographer 29-2034
  Radon Mitigation Specialist 47-4041
  Radon Mitigation Worker 47-4041
  Real Estate Appraiser 13-2021
  Real Estate Broker 41-9021
  Real Estate Salesperson 41-9022
  Refrigeration Mechanic 49-9021
  Registered Representative 41-3031
  Respiratory Care Practitioner 29-1126
  Sanitarian 17-2081
  School Bus Driver 53-3022
  Sheet Metal Worker 47-2211
  Social Worker 21-1021, 21-1022, 21-1023
  Speech-Language Pathologist and Audiologist 29-1127
  Surplus Line Broker 41-3021
  Tattoo Artist & Body Piercer -----
  Telecommunications System Technician 49-2022
  Trapper, Commercial   45-3021
  Travel Agent (deregulated 6/6/08) 41-3041
  Travel Manager (deregulated 6/6/08) 41-3041
  Underground Utility Contractor 47-2150
  Veterinarian 29-1131
  Wastewater Treatment Facility Operator 51-8031
  Wildlife Propagator -----
  Wildlife Rehabilitator -----


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