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Workforce Investment Notices (WINs)
Policy Issuances

Workforce Investment Notices are issued from the State Workforce Investment Office and include policies and information regarding the Job Training Partnership Act, the Workforce Investment Act, and the Welfare-to-Work programs.

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Workforce Investment Notices for Program Year 2009
Click on the WIN Number to view the notice

Date Subject



Adult and Dislocated Worker Allocations for PY 2008

09-02 7/10/2009 Incident Reporting – WIA/ARRA Summer Youth Participants
09-03 7/10/2009 Allocations for Industry Skill Development Initiative funds from the Job Development Fund for PY2009/FY2010

05-06, Change 2


Common Measures Policy for the WIA Title I-B Programs and Related Performance Issues, Change 2

09-04 10/13/2009 Reporting Requirements under Section 1512 of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
09-05 10/27/2009 Adult and Dislocated Worker Allocations for PY 2009
09-06 11/20/2009 Changes in Adult/Dislocated Worker Funds for PY 2009
09-07 11/24/2009 PY 2008 Data Element Validation Procedures
09-08 11/24/2009 PY 2008 Incentive Awards for Performance and Sanctions
09-09 01/7/2010 Deobligation of Job Development Fund (JDF) Youth PY08 Allocation from Workforce Partnership of Greater Rhode Island (WPGRI)
09-10 2/22/2010 Allocations for Contextualized Education and Training using Workforce Investment Act and/or American Recovery and Reinvestment Act State Set-Aside funds
09-11 3/01/2010 Allocations for Youth Center Services for PY 2009 from the Job Development Fund
09-12 3/22/2010 Planning Guidance – ARRA TANF Subsidized Employment
09-13 4/08/2010 Allocation Percentages for Adult and Youth Programs for PY 2010 per TEGL 19-09
09-14 4/09/2010 Allocation Percentages for Dislocated Worker Program for PY 2010 per TEGL 19-09
09-15 4/23/2010 Notice of Public Comment Period – Title 1B WIA/Wagner-Peyser State Plan Extension for Program Year 2010
09-16 4/28/2010 Instructions for Submitting Workforce Investment Act Local Plans for Program Year 2010
09-17 5/3/2010 Allocations for Adult and Youth Programs for PY 2010
09-18 5/10/2010 Changes in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Youth Allocations
09-19 5/17/2010 Allocations for TANF ARRA
09-20 5/21/2010 Changes in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Youth Allocations
09-21 6/16/2010 Lower Living Standard Income Level (LLSIL) & Self-Sufficiency Guidelines for 2010
09-22 6/16/2010 Dislocated Worker Allocations for PY 2010
09-23 6/22/2010 Changes in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Youth Allocations

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