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Frequent Questions

Woman talking on the telephone Voice Verification System
Frequently Asked Questions

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On October 21, the RI Department of Labor and Training implemented a new voice verification system that offers its Unemployment Insurance (UI) customers added protection against fraud and identity theft.

Voice verification confirms a customer’s identity by comparing a caller’s voiceprint to an earlier digitized recording. This new application ensures that the person requesting payment each week is the same customer who filed an initial unemployment insurance claim with the Department.

Over the next two months, all UI customers will be required to create a unique digital recording by speaking two phrases—“Good morning, Rhode Island” and “Good afternoon, my voice is my password.” To minimize the initial impact to our customers, individuals will be randomly selected to record their voice print when they call the Teleserve payment system.

For all subsequent calls to the telephone claims and payment system, the customer will be asked to speak one of the phrases. This new voice print will then be compared to the earlier digitized recording for authentication.

To ensure an accurate voice print, customers should use the same phone each time they call the department for benefits.

1. What is voice verification?
• Voice verification uses voiceprints to secure access to specific information and transactions over the phone. The voice print functions like a fingerprint to verify a person’s identity.

• Voice verification confirms a customer’s identity by comparing a caller’s voiceprint to an earlier digitized recording.

• Voice verification adds another layer of security to prevent identity theft and fraudulent unemployment insurance payments.
2. When will I create my digitized voice recording?
Over the next two months, Unemployment Insurance customers who call the automated payment system will be randomly selected to create a digitized recording of their voice.
3. How do I create my digital voiceprint?
• When the automated payment system prompts you to create a voiceprint you will be required to speak two phrases —“Good morning, Rhode Island” and “Good afternoon, my voice is my password.”

• Once you have successfully created a voiceprint, you will hear, “We now have voiceprints for your two phrases. The voiceprint will be stored in a database with your information. The next time you call the Department, you will be asked to confirm your identity using voice verification.”
4. What happens after I create my voiceprint?
Every week you call the Automated Payment System (Teleserve) to request a payment, you will be asked to verify your voice after you enter your social security number, benefit year ending (BYE) and your personal identification number (PIN).
5. How do I verify my voice when I am calling for a payment?
After entering your PIN, the system will ask you to verify your voice by repeating one of the two phrases you recorded when you created your voiceprint.
6. What happens if I can’t verify my voice?
• If the print does not match, the system will attempt to confirm identity with that phrase a second time.

• If the voiceprint still does not match, the system will ask the customer to speak a different phrase stored in the database.

• If the identity of the caller still cannot be verified, the system will transfer the caller to a customer service representative during normal business hours, or instruct him/her to contact the Unemployment Insurance Service Center during normal business hours. The customer service representative will ask questions to assist in verifying your identity.
7. Will I be asked to create a voiceprint and verify my voice if I am a non-English speaking customer?
The voiceprint technology will be used for English, Spanish and Portuguese speaking customers.
8. Does everyone need to create a voiceprint for voice verification?
All unemployment insurance customers will be required to create a voiceprint with the following exceptions:

• It is not necessary to create a voiceprint if you are hearing impaired and receive your payments by submitting certification forms.

• You will not be asked to create a voiceprint if you are receiving payments through the Trade Readjustment Act (TRA) Unit, or Workshare Unit or Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Unit. Once you file a new claim or are required to call Teleserve for payments, you will need to create a voiceprint if you have not already done so.
9. How long can I use the same voiceprint?
Your voiceprint will be stored in the database for three years. If you should become unemployed within that period of time, you will not be required to create a new voiceprint.
10. Is my voiceprint secure?
Yes. Once the voiceprint is recorded, it is stored in a secure database maintained by the Department. The recording is confidential and is only utilized for unemployment insurance verification. This recording cannot be released to any other state or federal agency.
11. Why did the Department implement voice verification?
The Department implemented voice verification to provide an additional level of security to the unemployment insurance program. Voice verification provides our customers with protection against identity theft and it helps to ensure that no other individual will claim your benefits.

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