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The RI Dept. of Labor and Training’s Unemployment Insurance (UI) Division provides benefits to eligible unemployed and partially unemployed workers who have performed services for Rhode Island employers registered with the RI Division of Taxation’s Employer Tax Section. 

Individuals applying for UI benefits must meet monetary and non-monetary requirements in order to receive benefits. They must be unemployed through no fault of their own, meet certain earnings requirements and be able to work, available for work, and actively seeking work during each week they request benefits.

Employer and employees
  Employers forced to lay off workers temporarily as a direct result of recent snow storm-related damage to their usual place of business may be granted relief from related unemployment benefit charges, if their businesses are deemed eligible under RI Law Section 28-43-3. Under ordinary circumstances, employers are charged for benefits paid against their Unemployment Insurance (UI) account.

Additionally, employees of eligible businesses may be granted a waiver of the usual one-week waiting period for UI, if the employees’ unemployment is caused by the snow storm-related damage. This waiver is allowed under RI Law Section 28-44-14.

To be deemed eligible for the benefit relief and the waiting period waiver, employers must first submit an application to the Department of Labor and Training. CLICK HERE to dowload the application.

Employees of companies adversely affected by the recent snow storm related damage should follow standard procedures for filing for UI benefits and will be credited for all benefits available to them once their employer is deemed eligible for the waiting period waiver. Any person wishing to file a Rhode Island UI claim may do so online at https://uiclaims.ri.gov/RI-ICS/Intro/Index.aspx?AC=yes, or by contacting the UI Call Center at (401) 243-9100 during business hours.


NEW! Click here for information on Rhode Island's 2014 UI Tax Law Changes

Notice of Claim Filed

When an individual applies for UI benefits, DLT sends an Employee Separation Report and Notice of Claim Filed form to their recent employers.  Employers are required to return this form within 10 business days in order to have standing to contest any determination with respect to the individual’s claim (RI General Laws 28-44-38 (c)).

Notice of Unemployment Benefits Paid

UI is funded 100% by employer contributions to the fund. Nonprofit organizations exempt under Section 501 (c) (3) (a) of the Internal Revenue Code, Indian tribes and governmental organizations, have the option of paying taxes quarterly, or reimbursing the Employment Security Fund for the benefits paid to their former employees.  Employers will receive a Notice of Unemployment Benefits Paid when they are responsible for benefit charges.  For additional information on earnings requirements or employer charges, click here.

Employer Copy of Claimant Decision

Employers who are an interested party will receive a copy of any director’s decision allowing or denying benefits based on a separation issue and certain types of availability issues. If an employer disagrees with a director’s decision allowing a current or former employee to collect unemployment benefits, an appeal may be filed online by clicking here.

NEW! The Department has developed fact finding questionnaires for claimants and employers to expedite the telephone interview with the Central Adjudication Unit. Click here to access them.


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Employers with unemployment insurance questions may call (401) 243-9137. You cannot file a UI claim from this number.

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