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Frequent Questions


Emergency Unemployment Compensation

Frequently Asked Questions

The Federal Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) Program
Ended on December 28, 2013


  • The last week payable for all tiers of the Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) program is the week ending December 28, 2013. Even if you have a balance left on your EUC claim, you will not be able to collect EUC benefits after that date. 

  • Congress has not passed legislation to extend the EUC program, but that is a possibility. In order to be prepared if Congress does act to restart the program the RI Department of Labor and Training will continue to log weekly Tele-Serve certifications. If you are in receipt of EUC benefits for the week-ending December 28, 2013, you should continue to request payment each week via Tele-Serve, over the internet at www.dlt.ri.gov or on the phone at 401-243-9600. You may only request payments if you have not returned to full-time work and you continue to be able and available for and actively seeking full-time work.

  • Your weekly requests for payment will be held on file, so that if Congress does reinstate the EUC program, your benefits will be processed without your needing to contact the department.

  • Individuals collecting regular Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits who exhaust their benefits after December 28, 2013 will also not be eligible for any additional EUC benefits.

  • If Congress does extend the EUC program, the Department will mail a notification to customers who may be eligible for additional benefits and post additional information on its web site, www.dlt.ri.gov.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Click on each question to show the answer.

1. What is Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) 08?
Emergency Unemployment Compensation 08, hereafter referred to as EUC, is a federal program that provides extended unemployment insurance benefits to qualified individuals during increased periods of unemployment as established by the Federal Government.
2. Have EUC benefits been extended?
NO. The last week that anyone can file a new claim for the EUC program is effective December 22, 2013. The last payable week of EUC is week ending December 28, 2013.
3. How do I qualify for EUC?
You are potentially eligible for EUC if you have a Rhode Island unemployment claim, and:

• Your benefit year or “BYE” (the one year period beginning with the week you filed your initial claim for benefits) ended after May 5, 2007 AND;
• Your total base period wages on that claim are more than 40 times your Weekly Benefit Amount, including any dependency allowance, OR;
• The total wages on that BYE claim are more than 1 ½ times your highest quarter of earnings, OR;
• You have 20 weeks of full-time covered employment in the base period, which was used to establish your claim, AND;
• You are not eligible for any other claim with this or any other state, AND;
• You are not eligible for any other Federal Unemployment Program, AND;
• You are not receiving compensation under the unemployment compensation law of Canada.

Other eligibility requirements pertaining to your work search and the definition of suitable work are discussed below
4. How and when do I apply for EUC?
When you call the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System or use the On-Line Payment system for your final payment on your regular claim it will instruct you to file over the internet at www.dlt.ri.gov/ui or call (401) 462-8990.
5. How long can I collect EUC?

For all claims filed effective August 11, 2013 or later, the EUC program has three tiers as follows:

EUC Tier 1, the lesser of:

  • Fourteen (14) time your total benefit rate, or
  • fifty-four percent (54%) of your regular total benefits

EUC Tier 2, the lesser of:

  • Fourteen (14) time your total benefit rate, or
  • fifty-four percent (54%) of your regular total benefits

EUC Tier 3, the lesser of:

  • Nine (9) times your total benefit rate, or
  • Thirty-five percent (35%) of your total benefits

For all claims filed prior to the effective date of August 11, 2013, the EUC program has four tiers, as follows:

EUC Tier 1, the lesser of:
• Fourteen (14) times your total benefit rate, or
• Fifty four percent (54%) of your regular total benefits.

EUC Tier 2, the lesser of:
• Fourteen (14) times your total benefit rate, or
• Fifty-four percent (54%) of your regular total benefits.

EUC Tier 3, the lesser of:
• Nine (9) times your total benefit rate, or
• Thirty-five percent (35%) of your regular total benefits.

EUC Tier 4, the lesser of:
• Ten (10) times your total benefit rate, or
• Thirty-nine percent (39%) of your regular total benefits.

The duration and percentage of the amounts listed above is subject to change. Changes are enforced by the Federal Department of Labor.

6. How long will EUC last?
The Emergency Unemployment Compensation program applies to weeks of unemployment ending Dec. 22, 2013. This is the last week that anyone can file a claim for the EUC program. The last payable week of EUC is week-ending December 28, 2013.
7. What are the job search requirements?
State law requires claimants to make a minimum of three work contacts each week. Click here to access the EUC Work Search Form.
8. If I am sick, or on vacation, or do not look for work for a week or longer, what should I do?
If you claim a week of EUC in which you do not meet the work search requirements, you will be denied EUC Benefits for that week and until you meet the availability requirements.

However, you can choose not to claim a week because you did not meet the requirements. If you choose not to claim a week, you must contact the department when you meet the requirements to “reopen” your claim
9. What is “suitable work” while receiving EUC?
Suitable work on EUC is defined as any work that you are capable of doing, which pays in excess of your weekly benefit amount and where the wages are not less than the higher of the federal, state, or local minimum wage.

The job must be within a reasonable distance from your place of residence or last place of work, and cannot be detrimental to your health, safety, or morals.

You do not have to accept a job if it is vacant due to a labor strike, if you are required to join or to resign from a bona fide labor organization, or if the working conditions or hours are substantially less favorable than those conditions or hours that are prevailing for similar work in the labor market.

If you fail to accept suitable work while claiming EUC, you will be denied EUC benefits beginning with the week in which the refusal occurred and until you work in at least 8 weeks and earn at least 8X your weekly benefit rate
10. I’m on “stand-by” with my employer. Do I have to look for other work to receive EUC?
There is no “stand-by” on EUC. Claimants on EUC must be actively searching for work (See question #7).
11. I get my jobs through my union. Do I have to look for other work outside my union if I’m on EUC?
Yes, if you normally get your work through your union hiring hall, you are still required to look for other suitable work that will not jeopardize your union status. Your union counts as one job contact during a week – you must make at least two other job search contacts during any week you claim EUC. Remember to record your work search contacts on a job log (See question #7).
12. What happens if EUC ends and I still have money left on my claim?
Once the EUC period ends, the department cannot pay any further EUC benefits, even if an individual has credits remaining.
13. Once my EUC benefits are exhausted, will I be automatically filed for State Extended Benefits?
No, at this time, the State of Rhode Island does not meet the criteria to offer State Extended Benefits.
14. Are EUC benefits taxable?
Yes. You must report unemployment insurance on your taxes. You will receive a 1099 from the Department to assist you with your tax preparation.

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