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TDI/TCI Quick Reference for Qualified Healthcare Providers (QHPs)


TDI is income support for individuals out of work for non-work related illness or injury; TCI is income support (up to 4 weeks) for individuals out of work to care for seriously ill child, spouse, domestic partner, parent, parent-in-law, or grandparent, or to bond with a new born child, adopted child or foster child. TDI/TCI are financed entirely by payroll deductions.

Qualified Healthcare Providers Defined by law

Non-Monetary Eligibility Requirement to collect TDI/TCI

About Fraud and Misrepresentation Prevention

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Rules of the Road from the RI Dept. of Health Board of Medical Licensure and Discipline

TDI and Workers' Compensation (WC):

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Frequent Questions:
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1. What are the medical eligibility requirements for TDI?
To be medically eligible for TDI benefits, a Qualified Healthcare Provider (QHP) must certify the patient functionally unable to perform their customary and regular work duties and provide the length of time the patient is expected to be unable to work.

For eligibility to begin the first day he/she is disabled the patient must have an in-office examination by a licensed QHP that week, the week before or the week after, the disability began. A contact with the QHP via a telephone call is not acceptable by TDI law as a timely examination by a licensed QHP.

Additionally, the patient may be asked to make an appointment with an impartial medical examiner if we believe an exam is necessary. Benefits will be stopped if the claimant does not make or keep the appointment with the impartial medical examiner.

2. My patient is receiving TDI; can I bill TDI for medical expenses?
TDI provides income support to individuals who are out of work because of a non-work related illness or injury. TDI does not pay for medical expenses for the illness or injury.

3. Can I obtain information on my patient's TDI claim?
NO, all information regarding a TDI claim is confidential..

4. What happens when a disability duration exceeds medical guidelines?
When a disability duration exceeds the medical duration guidelines (MDG) the claim is referred to the Claims Management Unit for further review. A Registered Nurse in the Unit will make an additional review of the claim and if necessary, will contact the Qualified Healthcare Provider and/or the TDI customer for additional information.

5. Does TDI have any procedures for preventing fraud and the misuse of benefits?
TDI is very proactive with respect to fraud and the misuse of benefits. By law, TDI can require individuals to be examined by an impartial qualified healthcare provider in order to determine continued disability and eligibility for benefits. The Medical Review Unit refers claims to the TDI Medical Consultant for further review and recommendation as needed. Medical duration guidelines (MDG) are used by the Medical Review Unit to determine disability durations. TDI has an internal program to determine if someone has received TDI benefits during a period when he or she was working. TDI is in constant contact with the Workers' Compensation Court and insurance carriers and with the Unemployment Insurance Division to determine if someone is receiving TDI benefits that he or she is not entitled to.

6. What is an impartial qualified healthcare provider for TDI and how can I become one?
TDI has a database of impartial qualified healthcare providers for all medical specialties, serving the entire state. TDI is constantly seeking to increase the number of impartial qualified healthcare providers in order to better service its customers. If you are interested in becoming an impartial examiner you may contact TDI at (401) 462 - 8381 or e-mail TDI at If you prefer, you may write to TDI at Temporary Disability Insurance, P.O. Box 20100, Cranston, Rhode Island 02920-0941.

7. I have a patient who is requesting time out of work to take care of a sick relative and also wishes to apply for TDI; can I certify a person for TDI who is out of work on family medical leave?
NO. TDI only pays benefits to workers who are ill or injured and does not extend benefits to persons taking care of a sick relative while on family medical leave. Advise your patient to apply for Temporary Caregiver Insurance (TCI).

Qualified Healthcare Providers

QHP Responsibilities

  1. Provide patient medical reports when requested by TDI

  2. For TCI, applicants are responsible for obtaining required medical documentation and supporting documents requested by TDI from the care recipient's (seriously ill family member) QHP.

    This includes obtaining the care recipient's signature on any QHP required release of information forms. TDI will not be requesting this information directly from the QHP. TDI will provide the claimant with the required form and the claimant will be bringing the form to your office to complete and mail or fax back to TDI to process.

    All release of information forms will need to be obtained from the QHP's office directly from the patient.

Become an Impartial Medical Examiner for TDI

Resources + Statistics

Contact TDI

Email TDI at or call the Qualified Healthcare Providers line at
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