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Directory Terms and Conditions

By entering your information for inclusion in the directory or using the information in the directory, you as an individual or organization, agree to hold the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training and The Real Jobs RI program and their respective employees or agents harmless from any and all causes of action, judgments or liability for losses, damages, or harms arising out of your use of this form or directory. 

Businesses that enter their information will have the opportunity to indicate whether they wish to have their information made public in the Directory. Whether they are listed in the directory or not, by entering their information they agree to be contacted by Real Jobs RI staff regarding the Real jobs RI program as well as any other workforce resources that may be available to them.

Other organizations (i.e. non-profits, foundations, college, training providers) entering information will be included in the Real Jobs RI Directory which will be viewable on the Real Jobs RI webpage. Such information will be publically accessible. The appearance of an organization in the Real Jobs RI Directory does not imply endorsement or recommendation by the Department of Labor and Training or the Real Jobs RI program. Furthermore, appearance in the Real Jobs RI Directory does not guarantee that an organization will be invited to join a partnership.

Entries will be reviewed for grammar, clarity, and to ensure the content is consistent with the goal and intent of the Real Jobs RI program – which is to organize strategic industry partnerships to build workforce solutions for RI employers. Real Jobs RI staff reserves the right to reject any submission that is not consistent with this goal.   

Real Jobs RI and the RI Department of Labor and Training are not responsible for the content of your submission nor any adverse effects or consequences resulting from said content.


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