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Welcome to the Real Jobs RI Directory!

The Real Jobs RI Directory allows organizations interested in the Real Jobs RI program to locate and connect with potential strategic partners. The Directory is a tool designed to:

  • help interested businesses locate partnerships within their industry and learn more about the workforce resources available to them (Employers will NOT be publicly listed in the Directory unless they elect to be)

  • provide an index of organizations, educational institutions, training providers and other groups who have expressed an interest in RJRI; and are seeking potential partners; and

  • enable interested parties to post a simple profile that can be viewed by others who may be interested in connecting and communicating with others interested in building and/or growing their partnership.

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The Directory is open to any organization interested in the Real Jobs RI Program, and is not limited to Real Jobs planning grant applicants, recipients or current GWB Industry Partners. Furthermore, all interested parties are welcome to apply for Real Jobs implementation grants whether or not they participate in the Real Jobs RI Directory. Participation in the Real Jobs RI Directory is not a requirement of the RJRI planning or implementation grant.

If you are already a part of a planning grant partnership, in an emerging partnership with an eye toward applying for implementation funds, or simply an interested organization, we encourage your organization to join and explore the Real Jobs RI Directory and begin to build innovative workforce solutions for Rhode Island employers



Real Jobs Rhode Island
Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training

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- auxiliary aids and services available upon request. TTY via RI Relay: 711

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