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Prevailing Wage Laws, Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations for Prevailing Wage

> Rules and Regulations Relating to Prevailing Wages (260-RICR-30-15-3)

These pages link to the Rhode Island General Assembly Statutes.
RI General Assembly disclaimer

General Laws for Prevailing Wage

Contractors' Bonds:   Labor and Payment of Debts by Contractors:
§ 37-12 Contractors' Bonds § 37-13-1 "Public Works" defined
§ 37-12-1 Contractors required to give bond - terms and conditions § 37-13-2 "Contractor" defined – Information required
§ 37-12-2 Rights of persons furnishing labor and materials § 37-13-3 Contractors subject to provisions - weekly payment of employees
§ 37-12-3 Remedies of creditors and state - priority of claims § 37-13-3.1 State public works contract apprenticeship requirements
§ 37-12-4 Intervention by creditor in suit brought by state § 37-13-4 Provisions applicable to public works contracts - Lists of subcontractors
§ 37-12-5 Time limitation on creditors' actions

§ 37-13.5

Payment for trucking or materials furnished - Withholding of sums due

§ 37-12-6 Intervention in suit brought by creditor - Consolidation of suits § 37-13-6 Ascertainment of prevailing rate of wages and other payments - specification of rate in call for bids and in contract
§ 37-12-7 Notice of pending suit § 37-13-7 Specification in contract of amount and frequency of payment of wages
§ 37-12-8 Certified copies of documents § 37-13-8 Investigation and determination of prevailing wages – Filing of schedule
§ 37-12-9 Payment into court by surety - discharge § 37-13-9 Statutory provisions included in contracts
§ 37-12-10 Retainers relating to contracts for public works or sewer or water main construction § 37-13-10 Overtime compensation
§ 37-12-11 Substitution of securities for retained earnings § 37-13-11

§ 37-13-12

Wage records of contractors
    § 37-13-12.1 Obstruction of enforcement
    § 37-13-12.2 Subpoena powers
    § 37-13-12.3 Compelling obedience to subpoenas
    § 37-13-12.4 Penalty for violations
             § 37-13-13 Furnishing payroll record to the awarding authority
§ 37-13-13.1 Audits of wage records of out of state contractors and subcontractors
§ 37-13-14 Contractor's bond
§ 37-13-14.1 Enforcement - Hearings
§ 37-13-15 Review
§ 37-13-16 Termination of work on failure to pay agreed wages - completion of work
§ 37-13-17 Private right of action to collect wages or benefits

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