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RI General Laws, Rules and Regulations for Labor Standards

RI General Laws

The links below go to the Rhode Island General Assembly Statutes.

RI General Assembly Disclaimer

§ 7-5.2 Business Combination Act

§ 28-6.8-1 Confidentiality of Employer/Employee Assistance Plans

§ 28-49 Disaster Service Volunteer Leave Act

§ 28-6 Wage Discrimination Based on Sex

§ 28-3 Employment of Women and Children

§ 28-16 Enforcement of Wage and Hour Laws

§ 28-6.3 Fees for Employment Applications Prohibited

§ 28-6.7 Genetic Testing as Condition of Employment

§ 23-17.20 Health Care Facilities Staffing

§ 25-1.2 Holidays and Days of Special Observance 

§ 28-18 Industrial Homework

§ 28-6.4 Inspection of Personnel Files

§ 28-6.1 Lie Detector Tests as Condition of Employment

§ 28-6.12 Employee Privacy Protection — Privacy in Spaces

§ 28-12 Minimum Wages including exemptions, overtime and exemptions, minimum daily hours, gratuities, and wages for minors

§ 28-14 Payment of Wages including form of payment, establishment of regular paydays, statement of earnings, frequency of payment, payroll deduction, vacation pay, bonuses, filing of claims, etc.

§ 28-14-2.2 Frequency of Payment

§ 28-6.2 Physical Examination as Condition of Employment 

§ 28-48 RI Parental & Family Medical Leave Act 

§ 5-23 Holiday Business

§ 28-6.10 Temporary Employee Protection Act

§ 28-6.5 Urine and Blood Tests as Condition of Employment

§ 28-50 Whistleblowers' Protection Act 

§ 25-3 Work on Holidays and Sundays, Inclusions and Exceptions

§ 28-57 Healthy and Safe Families and Workplaces Act












































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Labor Laws
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