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Board Decisions and Orders

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**PLEASE NOTE: All Decisions are on Legal Size Paper (8 1/2" X 14")

Decisions referenced are formal written decisions of the RI State Labor Relations Board relating to Motions, Unfair Labor Practice Charges, Election Petitions, Unit Clarifications and Decertification Petitions. Copies of the Board's Decisions rendered from January 1, 2000 to the present are currently available for review.

RI General Laws 28-7-6 states:

"28-7-6 Annual report of Board - Opinions. - The Board shall at the end of every year make a report in writing to the Director of Labor and Training, stating in detail the work it has done in hearing and deciding cases and otherwise. It shall sign and report in full an opinion in every case decided by it. The Director shall include the report in his or her annual report to the Governor."

State and Quasi-State Agencies

State Agencies include all State Departments, Boards, and Commissions, including the RI State Police and employees of Emergency E-911. Quasi-State and Agencies involve those companies or corporations, which result from RI State legislation, involve expenditure of RI Tax dollars, or were legislatively created from previously existing State Departments.

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Practice Charges

Municipalities and Authorities

Municipalities are the 39 cities and towns throughout the State of Rhode Island. Their employees include Firefighters, Police Officers, School Teachers, Non-Teaching Personnel of the School Department, and City or Town Employees. Authorities include those employees of authorities not directly under the management of any city or town; such as, housing authorities, water authorities, and public libraries. Quasi-Municipalities include those Agencies, which resulted from a attainment by the City or Town, of a privately owned establishment.

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Practice Charges