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Board Announcements



The RI State Labor Relations Board has made major revisions to its Rules and Regulations, as well as the Petitions and Forms, effective January 1, 2015. (Section and Sub-Section numbers have changed; additions to Sections; new Forms and Petitions)

              New Section to the Board’s Rules and Regulations:

 8.03 Petition for Decertification of a Certified Bargaining Representative

             New Sub-Sections to the Board’s Rules and Regulations:

The following petitions and forms may be found on the Board’s Website at: www.rislrb.ri.gov Forms and Petitions.
(All “Petitions” must be submitted on “Legal Size Paper” only)

            * New Forms

            Petition for Investigation of Controversies as to Representation
            Petition for Unit Clarification and/or Accretion/Exclusion
            Petition for Decertification of a Certified Bargaining Representative *
      Petition for Unfair Labor Practice Charge
            Petition for Affiliation/Merger of Bargaining Representatives
            Entry of Appearance
            Withdrawal of Appearance
            Request to Promulgate, Amend, or Repeal a Rule
            Designation of Bargaining Agent and Waiver of Right to Vote Form
            Decertification Card of Interest *
Formal Hearing Exhibit Form *

Please note that the Board’s Petitions and Forms are in “pdf” format, which requires that you have Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Adobe Acrobat Reader may be downloaded free by visiting the Adobe web site at: http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html.