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Monthly Claims Update
Month Ending March 31, 2014
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Unemployment Insurance

Initial Claims5,517 initial claims were processed during the month of March, a decrease of 3,723 (-40.3%) from the previous month, and a decrease of 1,038 (-15.8%) from a year ago.  Of the 5,517 initial claims processed this month, 394 (7.1%) were filed by customers who were not citizens of the U.S.   Of the 3,607 monetary determinations issued in March, 453 (12.6%) were monetarily ineligible.      

Weeks Claimed 80,078 weeks claimed were processed during the month of March, an increase of 7,167 (9.8%) from the previous month and an increase of 8,559 (12.0%) from a year ago.  There were 73,507 payments made in March, which resulted in payments totaling $24.8 million.  There were 5,699 (7.8%) partial payments issued in March 2014 compared to 5,639 (8.5%) last year.  The average weekly benefit payment was $338.  The number of weekly benefit payments is averaging 16.4 weeks per claim.  

Workshare 244 initial claims were processed for Workshare benefits this month, an increase of 178 (269.7%) from the previous month and an increase of 41 (20.2%) from March 2013.  It is estimated that 157 layoffs were averted this month as a result of Rhode Island ’s Workshare program.  

First and Final Claims 3,088 first payments and 1,657 final payments were issued in March 2014.  The current exhaustion duration ratio is 41.2 percent.                                                           

Non-monetary Determinations 1,605 non-monetary determinations were issued during the month of March 2014.  Of the 1,605 determinations, 1,043 (65.0%) were separation issues and 562 (35.0%) were non-separation issues.  Denials were issued for 420 (40.3%) separation issues and 532 (94.7%) non-separation issues.  

Appeals – 382 appeal decisions were processed with the Board of Review in March 2014.  Of the 382 processed, 309 (80.9%) were filed by UI applicants and 73 (19.1%) were filed by employers.  The Board upheld the director’s decision in nearly two-thirds of the cases. 

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