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 Characteristics of Initial Claimants
2011 Summary
d (pdf)
A mass layoff event occurs when at least 25 initial claims for unemployment insurance (UI) are filed against individual employers during a 5-week period. In 2011, there were 184 mass layoff events associated with Rhode Island employers. The events involved a total of 17,409 workers, accounting for 18.5 percent of all initial claims (94,173) filed during the year. Twenty-seven of the 184 layoff events that occurred in 2011 were classified as long-term layoffs (expected to last more than 30 days). In 2010, there were 179 mass layoff events affecting 17,143 workers.

The Manufacturing sector posted the largest number of mass layoff events in 2011. Twenty companies were responsible for the 33 events, resulting in the filing of 2,124 initial claims. Miscellaneous Manufacturing (7) industries and Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing (7) industries reported the most events. In 2010, there were 42 mass layoff events associated with 28 Manufacturing companies. 

Layoff Events by Major Industry

Industry Sector                     Events Initial
Total 184 17,409
Transportation & Warehousing 23 5,243
Accommodation & Food Services 13 3,850
Manufacturing 33 2,124
Administrative & Waste Services 21 1,127
Information 4 724
Construction 14 695
Public Administration 13 627
Retail Trade  10 618
Finance & Insurance 12 575
Health Care & Social Assistance 8 349
Professional & Tech. Services 4 219
Real Estate 4 201
Other Industry Sectors 25 1,057

There were 23 mass layoff events associated with the Transportation & Warehousing sector. The six companies associated with these events had 5,243 initial claims and were concentrated in the Transit & Ground Passenger Transportation industry. Most of these events were the result of schools closing for summer and vacation periods.

The Administrative & Waste Services sector recorded 21 mass layoff events in 2011. These events resulted in the filing of 1,127 initial claims from ten Rhode Island companies. In 2010, there were 24 mass layoff events associated with 11 Administrative & Waste Services companies.

Eight Construction establishments generated 14 mass layoff events in 2011, resulting in the filing of 695 initial claims. Last year, there were also 14 mass layoff events affecting a similar number of workers (667).

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