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What does the future have in store for you? Making career choices is serious business. Today's economy is as competitive as it has ever been. To succeed now and in the future you need to make informed decisions. Labor Market Information is a critical piece in the decision process. The following web pages offer you Labor Market Information tailored to your needs as a jobseeker.

Labor Market Information can help answer some important questions. What jobs are in demand? What jobs are drying up? How much does this job pay? Which industries are expanding or declining? It can be used to market occupations when individuals are making career decisions. You can use the industry and occupational data to segment the job market and key in on the industries and jobs that are expanding and declining.

  > Apprenticeship Program > Industry & Occupational Projections
  > Career Anchor > Labor Supply & Demand
  > Career Links > Largest Employers in Rhode Island
  > Career Navigator > Licensed Occupations
  > Education vs. Unemployment Rate & Wages > Mapping a Course to Career Success
  > Employer Handbook > Occupational Wages
  > EmployRI: netWORKri Online > Opportunities in... (specific industry brochures)
  > Expanding & Declining Industries    


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