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2007 Employee Benefits Report  
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Years ago, employer-provided benefits such as paid time off or medical insurance were hard to find. Today, these and other benefits are an important part of how workers are compensated. However, the frequency and types of benefits offered vary by industry and firm size. Benefits are more common in some industrial sectors than in others, full-time workers are more likely to have access to benefits than part-time workers and workers in larger establishments are more likely to be offered benefits than those in smaller establishments.

Eighty-one percent of Rhode Island firms provide paid time off (combination vacation, personal and sick leave) to their full-time workers and 79 percent offer health insurance to full-time workers. Retirement plans and dental insurance are offered by half of Rhode Island employers. Other benefits offered to full-time workers include life insurance (31%) vision insurance (24%) and tuition reimbursement (21%). Three percent of the Rhode Island employers offer child care benefits to their full-time employees.

While some employers offer the same benefits to their part-time workers, the reality is, those working less than full-time are not as likely to enjoy fringe benefits. One-quarter of Rhode Island employers provide paid time off, nearly 20 percent offer a retirement plan and 10 percent offer health insurance to their part-time workers. Less than 10 percent offer benefits such as dental (9%), vision (4%) or life (5%) insurance or tuition reimbursement (7%) to these workers.

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