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Telephone hearings provide a convenient means for you to participate in a hearing without the expense or time required to travel to a central hearing site. The Board of Review schedules telephone hearings by taking into consideration many details such as the number of witnesses and documents, the anticipated length of the hearing, the distance of the hearing location from those attending, and the safety of the participants. In a telephone hearing, your testimony, and that of your witness, is taken under oath over the phone. The referee conducts the hearing in the same manner as an in-person hearing, using the same question-and-answer format. You will have the same opportunity to present your case and question the other parties involved. If your hearing is to take place by telephone, it will be clearly marked as a Telephone Hearing on your Notice of Appeals Hearing. You must call the Board of Review at least 15 minutes before your hearing as directed on your Notice of Appeals Hearing. The Referee will call you back at the time stated on the Notice. Be prepared for a delay in the event that the Referee has difficulty placing the call or contacting all parties.
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