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Training Opportunities:

  • Carpenter

Become an Apprentice


How to Find Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are jobs. You must apply directly to the employer or sponsor for acceptance into an apprenticeship. Some resources that may help you navigate your path to apprenticeship include: 

For assistance connecting with opportunities in any industry

What do I need to know to become an Apprentice?

Know the Occupation
Apprenticeship is a 1-5 year commitment to prepare for a specific occupation, so you want to explore the career before making a commitment. Talk to people in this job and figure out if it is a good fit for you.

Understand the Apprenticeship Program

Apprenticeship programs have the core components, but they are not all the same. Every Registered Apprenticeship program has “Standards” that outline the program and the Sponsor is required to give a copy to apprentices. There is also a one page Apprenticeship Agreement you will be asked to sign to become an apprentice.

Get a copy of the Apprenticeship Agreement and Standards and get answers to these questions

  • What will I learn on the job?
  • What related education is required?  Who will pay for it? 
  • When and where are courses offered?  Is instruction on paid (work) or non-paid time?  How many hours of paid work can I realistically expect in the first year?
  • What is the wage progression schedule and how will progression be evaluated?

Meet with a netWORKri representative to explore supports.
Applicants may be eligible for workforce development dollars for training, required tools and gear, or GI Education Benefits.

If I have taken classes at a technical school can I get credit for them in my apprenticeship?
It is up to the sponsor to determine if they will give credit for previous coursework. Sponsors who use outside training instructors will probably ask the instructor to evaluate your transcript, assess your knowledge, and make a recommendation about placement and credit for previous schooling. Some sponsors are unaware that they can do this, so we encourage you to advocate for yourself so that you don’t spend time and money taking courses that do not further your education. Take more advanced courses instead!

Stay on top of documentation so you don’t fall behind on completing your program. 
Once you are on the job, learn about how On-the-Job Learning and Education will be documented and be diligent about keeping records of your work hours and courses completed.  It will be your job to provide transcripts for your completed education to your sponsor unless your sponsor is providing education in-house.

Can I get college credit through apprenticeship?
Community College of RI grants credits for apprenticeships through Accelerated Pathways for Prior Learning and has pathways to degrees related to many apprenticed careers. Different colleges have different policies so you need to ask your college admissions counselor for details.

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