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What Occupations Can Be Apprenticed?


Federal and state agencies now recognizes over 1,000 occupations in a multitude of industries, and the list is growing at a phenomenal rate. They include a diverse and virtually unlimited range of vocations.

Having skilled workers is critical to the success of every enterprise.  Implementing registered apprenticeship programs can ensure that workforce talent is continually replenished and is educated and skilled in accordance with the needs of an enterprise.

Learning a trade

In Rhode Island, active registered apprenticeship programs include:

> Account Executive
> Associate Network Engineer I.T.
> Biomedical Equipment Technician
> Boat Builders
> Bricklayers
> Cabinet Makers
> Carpenters
> Cement Finisher
> Childcare Specialist
> CNC Machinist
> Community Health Nurse
> Composite Tool and Pattern Maker
> Construction Craft Laborers
> Construction Managers
> Data Scientist
> Drywall Finishers
> Electricians
> Electronics Technician
> Elevator Construction Mechanics
> Exterior Marine Painters
> Finishers
> Firefighter
> Floor Layers
> Flooring
> Graphic Designer
> Glaziers
> Insulators
> In-Patient Nurse
> Interior Marine Painters
> Internetworking Associates
> Iron Workers
> IT Support Center Associate
> Lawn Specialist
> Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor
> Licensed Practical Nurse
> Machinists


> Maintenance Electricians
> Marine Carpenters
> Marine Electric & Electronic Technicians
> Marine Rigger
> Marine Support Service Manager
> Medical Assistant
> Medical Hospital Coder

> Oil Burner Technicians
> Operating Engineers
> Paint/Caulk/Cleaners
> Painters
> Peer Navigator
> Pharmacy Technician, Level I and II
> Piclas/Painting Industrial Coating Lining
> Pile Drivers
> Pipefitters
> Pipefitter II
> Pipefitter/Refrigeration
> Pipefitter/Refrigeration II
> Plasterers
> Plastic Mold Maker
> Plastic Process Technician
> Plumbers
> Police Patrol Officer
> Propane Gas
> Refrigeration
> Refrigeration II
> Renewable Energy Contractors Rec. #100
> Roofers
> Sheet Metal Workers
> Sheet Metal Worker II
> Sprinkler Fitters
> Stone Masons
> Telecomm Technicians
> Tile Layer
> Tool and Die Maker

Criteria for Apprenticeable Occupations:

  1. Customarily learned in a practical way though a structured, systematic program of on-the-job (OJT), supervised training

  2. Clearly identified and commonly recognized throughout an industry

  3. Involves manual, mechanical or technical skills and knowledge which require a minimum of 2,000 hours of OJT work experience

  4. Requires related instruction to supplement the OJT training

All programs that have five (5) or more apprentices sponsored must have a written Affirmative Action plan and a selection procedure. It must consist of activities to equalize opportunity in apprenticeship to permit full use of the work potential of minorities and women. It should involve special efforts to identify, recruit, motivate and train potential apprentices from these groups, along with goals and timetables for increasing their participation.

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