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Requests for Additional Funds

Real Jobs RI Partnerships may request additional funds to expand, duplicate, or request new training program activities or other workforce solutions, consistent with the Partnership’s Comprehensive Plan. This strategy allows Real Jobs RI to be demand-driven and responsive to industry immediate and future workforce needs.

Current grantees may request additional funds by submitting a PITCH Application and supporting documentation to their Grant Advisor.

You may download the PITCH Application documents:

Applications for additional funds will be evaluated based on criteria including, but not limited to:

  • The proposal is consistent with the partnership’s Comprehensive Plan
  • The budget is consistent with the proposed work
  • The outcomes associated with the proposal are clearly identified
  • The outcomes are cost effective based on the budget
  • The partnership has performed well on previous work
  • Indicators of the partnership’s past performance ‘track record’ that support the request for additional funding and proposed activities including:
    • organizational and fiduciary capacity to expand and maintain effective performance;
    • compliance with rules, regulations, and requests for information;
    • ability to maintain planned budgetary costs and expenditures;
    • ability to maintain current or previous training performance and outcomes;
    • accuracy and veracity of the partnership’s previous proposals and assurances; and
    • demonstrated evidence of past success and/or experience with similar initiative

Final approval for each proposal shall be determined by the Director of the Department of Labor and Training, based on evaluator scoring and other factors and consideration: such as geographic distribution, industry diversity, economic and workforce labor data, the potential for state and sector economic growth and populations served.




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