RI Department of Labor and Training

Fictitious Employer Alert

October 18, 2013

Late this afternoon, the RI Department of Labor and Training learned that an unknown person or persons have fraudulently used an employer’s identification information to impersonate a business. The fictitious employer contacted approximately 350 users of DLT’s online career center, EmployRI.org, to request that they set up Yahoo Instant Messenger accounts, import personal information and download particular files.

DLT has contacted the RI State Police and is working with the Attorney General’s Office on this matter.

The Department of Labor and Training is concerned that anyone who did respond to these requests or download these files may have compromised the security of their personal information and/or their computers. DLT has records of all users contacted by this fictitious employer, and, in the interest of timeliness, has used email to notify those impacted tonight. DLT is also sending official notifications by mail.

As a precaution, the department is recommending that any of the 350 contacts who did provide information or download files through Yahoo Messenger immediately report a possible breach of security to the three major credit reporting agencies: Equifax, Experian and Trans Union. The department has also pledged to make up to three months of credit monitoring services available to impacted individuals if they choose this service. 

It is important to note that this security breach is limited to the 350 users identified by the department, all of whom were invited to pursue further contact with the fictitious company through the Yahoo Messenger application. Those EmployRI.org users who have not received a message to provide further information through Yahoo Messenger are not considered at risk.


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