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Requirement for New UI Claimants to Post Résumés is Now in Effect.

DLT Is Taking Several Steps to Inform Customers of Requirement — and to Help Customers Follow It Faster.


September 2, 2014

Effective this past Sunday, Aug. 31, 2014, unemployed Rhode Islanders filing for Unemployment Insurance for the first time must post their résumés to www.EmployRI.org within six consecutive weeks of collecting UI benefits.

The product of increased alignment between DLT’s Income Support and Workforce Development divisions, this new requirement is the latest step taken by DLT that’s intended to help unemployed workers find jobs faster.

New UI Rule: 6 Weeks to Post Resume

The RI Department of Labor and Training is reminding unemployed Rhode Islanders who are filing Unemployment Insurance (UI) claims for the first time of DLT’s new rule requiring claimants to post their résumés on www.EmployRI.org within six consecutive weeks of collecting payments. The requirement became effective on Sunday, Aug. 31, 2014.

This means if a UI beneficiary filed his or her claim two days ago, then they must post a résumé to EmployRI, DLT’s one-stop jobs website, by Saturday, Oct. 18, or risk causing their payments to be temporarily shut off — unless and until they do post a résumé.

Based on federal and state law, individuals who claim UI benefits promise that they must be able and available for work and actively seeking full-time work when they certify for their weekly claim. DLT sees its new rule as a way to help jobless workers make the most of their job search and reconnect with the workforce faster.

“The idea is to engage our customers with www.EmployRI.org and our netWORKri One Stop Career Centers far earlier in their claims. We believe it will help them take advantage of DLT job-seeker resources that are available to them earlier, and therefore, conduct more focused and effective job searches,” said DLT Director Charles J. Fogarty.

“We want our UI customers to understand that their claim period comes with an end date and that their 26 weeks will go by fast. We’re trying to encourage them to view their job search as if it’s a full-time job, which comes with deadlines. We’re providing the tools to help our customers follow the new rule quickly,” he added.

In order to prepare for additional customers using its services for the first time, DLT has scheduled more classes in its four netWORKri One Stop Career Centers teaching basic computer skills, résumé preparation and how to use EmployRI.org; and partnered with libraries and community-based organizations throughout the state so they can provide assistance when requested.

DLT also has undertaken a comprehensive education and information campaign to ensure that UI claimants are aware of their responsibility to post their résumés.

Components of this campaign include:

  1. Call Center’s upfront telephone announcements
  • Customers will be advised to post a résumé when they contact the UI Call Center by telephone.

  1. FYI Flyer
  • A flyer will be mailed to all customers who file a new claim effective 8/31/14 or later with the exception of any customer who is exempt.

  1. Work Search Policy
  • The Work Search Policy that is mailed to all customers who file a UI claim will include the résumé requirement.

  1. Benefit Rights
  • The Benefit Rights (phone and online) will include the résumé requirement.

  1. Teleserve Messaging
  • Customers who file a claim effective 8/31/14 or later will be advised by Teleserve (phone and online) each week to post a résumé. If a résumé is not posted by the 6th consecutive week of collecting UI benefits, the customer will not be able to use Teleserve or the Hold File to certify for a payment the following week.
  1. DLT Website Navigational Tools
  • DLT has created easy-to-find landing pages on its website directing UI customers to the right information and resources to help them comply with the new rule as easily as possible. These links and landing pages will be indicated by the road sign logo included on the first page of this press release.

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