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Looking for a State Job? You've come to the right place

There are various types of state jobs available for jobseekers. All current state job openings can be accessed by clicking the State Jobs button on the main menu.

When you decide to apply for a state job opening, be sure to follow the specific application instructions outlined on the Vacancy Notice. These instructions do vary and are usually found at the bottom of the notice under the section entitled "Where to Apply".

CS-14 State Application For Employment - The information you enter on this form cannot be saved.  After completing this form, print and provide an original signature before submitting it as application for a vacant position.

RIEOO-03/78 Equal Opportunity Office Affirmative Action File Card (optional) Rev. 6/18 - The information you enter on this card cannot be saved. After completion, print and submit this card along with your application. Please note that this is a voluntary self-identification card and the information you provide will not be used as a basis for employment decisions. This card will be forwarded to the State Equal Opportunity Office (EOO) and kept separately from the application. The information from this card will be used by the EOO for record-keeping in compliance with Federal law and will only be released through aggregate data reporting.

Types of state jobs are described here:

Job Classification In Rhode Island State Government - There are various types of positions in RI State Government. Positions fall within one of three categories: classified (i.e. noncompetitive classified and competitive classified positions), unclassified, or nonclassified. It is important to understand the differences between these categories, so a brief description of each is presented below:

Classified (Noncompetitive) positionsIncludes positions that require the performance of routine, laboring, custodial, or domestic tasks, or those positions that are subject to continuing supervision. Also included are those positions that require licenses, certificates, or registrations. Individuals may be appointed to these positions upon the recommendation of the appointing authority and the approval of the Personnel Administrator, subject to established requirements for character, registration, certification, and/or licensure or physical condition as set forth in Title 36-4-6 of the Rhode Island General Laws of 1956, as amended.

Classified (Competitive) positionsThese positions are governed by competitive civil service examinations, which are open to those who satisfy the minimum requirement of education and previous experience. Requirements for a particular position are stated on the official examination announcement, available at the Department of Administration, Office of Personnel Administration (OPA) and local Department of Labor and Training offices. Preparation for examinations will be covered below. Competitive classified positions consist of all positions in the classified service except those assigned as noncompetitive classified positions and those specifically exempted by legislative act. Click here to visit the Civil Service web page which lists upcoming exams as well as how to prepare for them.

Unclassified positions: Positions in unclassified service are established by laws and are subject to compliance with standards of the Federal Government and regulations set forth by the Personnel Administrator. Positions in this category generally include the employees of elected officials, courts, boards and commissions, both houses of the general assembly, department directors, and various positions of a policy making character. All appointments are made by the Appointing Authorities or the Governor in accordance with the provisions of the laws governing such appointments and the Personnel Rules adopted for the Unclassified Service.

Nonclassified service positions:  Positions within the nonclassified service are covered under contract terms for the Board of Governors for Education (Higher Education) and include senior administrative staff, as well as faculty.

Quasi- Public Corporation - According to RI General Law §22-10-2, a "quasi-public corporation" means a body corporate and politic acting as a public corporation, which has been organized pursuant to law and granted certain powers, rights and privileges by the general laws, while exhibiting a distinct legal existence from the state, and not constituting a department of the state government, in order to perform a governmental function.

For general questions about jobs in State service, contact

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Phone: (401) 222-6397 | Fax: (401) 222-6391 | E-Mail: cheryl.burrell@hr.ri.gov

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