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Vocational Resources

The Vocational Department offers the following resources to all injured workers who have an open claim in the Rhode Island Workers' Compensation system and who may need assistance in planning their vocational future:

vocational counseling

NOTE: Injured workers do not need a referral or insurer approval to participate in the workshops or classes listed below.

Please keep in mind and learn about another addition to our employment orientation services: our Career Development Seminar...

Sign up for any of the following courses or workshops by contacting William Massey at 243-1222 or

The Job-Seeking Skills Workshop

This four-day workshop is offered to all injured workers once per month and prepares each individual to conduct a comprehensive organized job search. Topics covered are:
·    completing applications

·        disclosure of Workers’ Compensation case to prospective employers

·        disclosure of disability and impairments to prospective employers

·        pre- and post-interviewing skills

·       as our clients, you will participate in several mock interviews with us in practice sessions

We will help you address any difficulties and challenges you may face during your job search. Also, our Employment Resource Center is open for informal orientation and information about our vocational services, every Friday at 10:30 a.m.


Job-Seeking Skills Workshop (JSSW)

(Subject to change due to holidays or unforeseen circumstances)

2017 Schedule


Contact William Massey at 243-1222 or

Job Clubs

The Resource Center offers injured workers Job Clubs that are held on Mondays at 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. Through the Job Club, Vocational Specialists provide injured workers the opportunity to discuss their job search, and to get advice regarding interviews and job search strategies. Job leads, obtained from a variety of resources, are available to injured workers seeking employment. Injured workers are also invited to independently use the computers, phones and fax machine in the Resource Center to make their prospective employer contacts. Help is available with resume and cover letter preparation and faxing and emailing employers. Please feel free to contact William Massey at or 401-243-1222 for more information.

NOTE: The Donley Center also offers a Spanish Job Club, twice each week: on Tuesdays at 1:30 p.m. and Fridays at 9:30 a.m. All information offered in the Job-Seeking Skills Workshop is presented in Spanish. In addition, we offer vocational orientation to our Spanish-speaking clients on Tuesdays at 1:00 p.m. Job search support is offered to injured workers and can be provided in most languages with the help of an interpreter.

Injured Workers can also prepare for the GED exam by using our test preparation materials in the Resource Center. We offer the GED pre-test daily and can provide you with your results on the spot!

Computer Lab

The Donley Center is continuing to offer computer usage skills classes to all RI injured workers. The curriculum consists of: Basic and Intermediate Computing, Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook/email and internet. These computer skills classes are now included in 8-week Career Skills Workshop (CSW) sessions.

Using Microsoft Word, our clients are taught how to prepare résumés and cover letters. Basic Microsoft Word teaches students the basics of word processing, such as creating and saving documents, and setting up files.

In the internet and email classes, students are introduced to email, and learn how to access and explore websites to find and follow up on job postings, and other career/work search-related information.



Computer Class

2017 Calendar/Schedule

(Subject to change due to holidays or unforeseen circumstances)

Please contact our Vocational Department for updated, complete details on how to enroll, etc.

Career Skills Workshop (CSW) with Computer Skills Classes



Contact William Massey at 243-1222 or

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